The Racing Silks of The Top 10 Biggest Brands in the UK

Jockey silks are, if anything, eye-catching. Dating as far back as the 1500’s, it’s understood that the tradition of wearing them comes from calvary wearing identifiable garments while on the battlefield, in order to clearly display which side they were fighting for.

But while other sports like Football, Formula One and Darts have seen their sportswear encroached by more and more corporate branding over the years, racing silks have remained more or less the same, and to this day are still mostly brand-free. That is, until now…

Working with leading sports fashion designers, we’ve produced ten branded racing silk concepts, to showcase how jockeys would look, when battling it out against each other in the colours of the most popular brands in the UK.

These are the results…

ASDA Price

There’s a nice ‘citrusy’ vibe to the ASDA jockey silks – classy yet colourful, this would definitely look right at home at the Cheltenham Festival or the Grand National.

Lidl On Price

Already producing their own fashionable wares, such as their sell-out trainers, the bold and colourful pattern here will certainly make the jockey donning this stylish number hard to missout on the racecourse.

Tesco Value

There’ve been plenty of memes over the years of the Tesco Value range, from the passive-aggressive greetings cards through to the Christmas jumper. We thought we’d create another.


Providing all the beans, ketchup, and soup we can eat for the past 100+ years, the Heinz themed jockey silks give off a classy, rustic vibe and blend in well with the scenery of many racecoursesin the UK.

Burger King

From our own research, we know that royal families love their horse racing. As such, we worked diligently to produce a racing silk fit for a king and one that can be worn both out on the racecourse and inside the palace restaurant.

Sports Direct

We couldn’t design this racing silk without paying homage to the legendary Sports Direct Mug (which can apparently hold 23 litres). Like the Tesco Value Racing Silk, the red, white and blue give off strong 90’s tracksuit vibes. We’d wear this to town for sure.


We’re loving the understated, yet elegant design for the McDonald’s racing silk here. With plenty of golden arches detailed on the sleeves, the crowd will no doubt have cravings for chips and burgers when spectating the jockey wearing this.

That’s Why Mum’s Go To Iceland

A wise woman once said, ‘That’s why mums go to Iceland’ and we feel this racing silk is certainly very cool. We’re loving the checkerboarding and gradient colour schemes!


We all know that the boss of Ryanair loves his horse racing, and that he’s had his fair share of success over the years too. This minimalistic racing silk has been designed as multipurpose uniform, suitable for jockeys through to flight attendants.

B&M Bargains

Everyone loves a bargain, and this bold patterned racing silk certainly fits in with B&M bargainscolourful marketing materials. Almost hypnotic, the jockey donning this stylish silk is granted powers of confusion that slow all over competitors down to a standstill.


Please Note: These racing silks have not been created by their respective brands. There is no association between the brands featured here and the concepts on display. This is purely for fun and mischief.

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