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20:45 Southwell

Full Result
  1. Major Dundee Silk
    Major Dundee J: Wayne Hutchinson 7/4
  2. Amelia's Dance Silk
    Amelia's Dance J: Tom Scudamore 13/8F
  3. Overtougeorge Silk
    Overtougeorge J: Charlie Hammond 3 16/1
Winning Trainer: Alan King
Distances: 5, 13, 1 1/4
Runners: 6

20:15 Southwell

Full Result
  1. Reckless Behavior Silk
    Reckless Behavior h J: Sean Bowen 5/1
  2. Next Lot Silk
    Next Lot t J: Paddy Brennan EvensF
  3. Taras Day Silk
    Taras Day tp J: Fergus Gregory 5 100/30
Winning Trainer: Caroline Bailey
Distances: 3, 1/2, 2 3/4
Runners: 8

19:45 Southwell

Full Result
  1. Global Tour Silk
    Global Tour t J: Max Kendrick 5 8/11F
  2. Hahadi Silk
    Hahadi p J: Sam Twiston-Davies 7/4
  3. West To Crossgales Silk
    West To Crossgales J: Richard Johnson 6/1
Winning Trainer: Fergal O'Brien
Distances: nk, 6, 13
Runners: 7 | Non Runners: 1

19:15 Southwell

Full Result
  1. Henrietta Bell Silk
    Henrietta Bell J: Gavin Sheehan 4/7F
  2. Miss Brooklyn Silk
    Miss Brooklyn J: Harry Bannister 33/1
  3. My Mums Posh Silk
    My Mums Posh J: Sean Quinlan 25/1
Winning Trainer: Harry Whittington
Distances: 3 1/2, 32, 1/2
Runners: 7

18:45 Southwell

Full Result
  1. Cardigan Bay Silk
    Cardigan Bay ht J: Aidan Coleman 5/2
  2. Apres Le Deluge Silk
    Apres Le Deluge J: Jonathan Burke 5/4F
  3. Twycross Warrior Silk
    Twycross Warrior J: Ceris Biddle 10 7/4
Winning Trainer: Charlie Longsdon
Distances: 3 1/4, 3/4, 3 1/2
Runners: 4 | Non Runners: 1

18:15 Southwell

Full Result
  1. Sumkindofking Silk
    Sumkindofking tp J: Jonathan Burke 13/8
  2. Mahlermade Silk
    Mahlermade t J: Wayne Hutchinson 11/8F
  3. Squouateur Silk
    Squouateur J: Richie McLernon 9/1
Winning Trainer: Tom George
Distances: 4, 30, 15
Runners: 4 | Non Runners: 1

17:45 Southwell

Full Result
  1. Dandolo Du Gite Silk
    Dandolo Du Gite t J: Harry Reed 3 11/4
  2. Jaboticaba Silk
    Jaboticaba J: Wayne Hutchinson 6/4F
  3. Bard Of Brittany Silk
    Bard Of Brittany J: Jonathan Burke 7/1
Winning Trainer: Neil Mulholland
Distances: 19, 15, 4
Runners: 5

20:35 Cork

Full Result
  1. Heliac Silk
    2 (2)
    Heliac J: Colin Keane 9/10F
  2. Sweet Dime Silk
    7 (3)
    Sweet Dime J: Shane Foley 13/8
  3. Lighthouse Lady Silk
    4 (7)
    Lighthouse Lady J: W J Lee 22/1
Winning Trainer: G M Lyons
Distances: 1 3/4, 1 3/4, 1/2
Runners: 8

20:05 Cork

Full Result
  1. Royal Admiral Silk
    3 (3)
    Royal Admiral v J: Ronan Whelan 3/1
  2. Sharjah Silk
    4 (7)
    Sharjah b J: Andrew Slattery 7 100/30
  3. Maunganui Silk
    1 (1)
    Maunganui J: Colin Keane 11/4F
Winning Trainer: Adrian McGuinness
Distances: 2 1/4, 1/2, 1 1/2
Runners: 8 | Non Runners: 1

19:35 Cork

Full Result
  1. Lyrical Attraction Silk
    11 (3)
    Lyrical Attraction p J: Gavin Ryan 4 4/1J
  2. Pearl Warrior Silk
    8 (15)
    Pearl Warrior J: Danny Sheehy 7/1
  3. Dreamboat Dave Silk
    6 (10)
    Dreamboat Dave b J: John Shinnick 7 4/1J
Winning Trainer: Jarlath P Fahey
Distances: 4 3/4, nk, 3/4
Runners: 15 | Non Runners: 3

Fast Horse Racing Results

Above are all the horse racing results for the UK and Ireland, sorted in time order. We receive our results within a couple of minutes of the race finishing, and before the official result has actually been announced. Results will therefore initial show as “Result”, with this text changing to “Weighed In” when the finishing positions have been confirmed and made official. This means that the jockeys from the race have been weighed on the scales at the course, and it has been confirmed that they were carrying the correct amount of weight which they were assigned prior to the race.

There may also be “Steward’s Enquiries” between the “Result” stage and the “Weighed In” stage. These occur when the stewards watching the race judge that rules have been broken; often, this is due to one horse interfering with another horse in the race unfairly. The stewards have the ability to disqualify or demote a horse, or to swap finishing positions around. For that reason, if you have backed a horse which is shown as finishing in second or even third in the initial racing results, make sure to hold on to the betting slip until the enquiry is finished, just in case.

Fast Results Explained

Our fast results are laid out to make them as easy and simple to understand as possible. We sort by the time the race has finished, so the latest racing results are at the top of the list, and the earliest are at the bottom of the list. Next to the time of the race is the course the race was run at.

We call this the “Fast Results” page because, not only are the results fast, but we only list the horses which finished in the “official places” – that is, the positions which bookmakers will generally pay out as the Each Way places under the normal rules of racing. That means our racing results may show just one horse for one race, but four horses for the next race. To see the full result for the race, click on the “Full Result” button.

How To Understand Racing Results

As explained above, our results are purposefully kept simple and listed in the most punter friendly way possible. We display only the finishing positions, jockey and trainer for each of the placed horses, the Starting Price of each of the placed horses, and a little basic information about the race.

Clicking through to “Full Result” – once it is available – will list the full finishing positions of every horse in the race. This adds some extra information. The “Dist” column is “Distance” – the distance the horse finished behind the horse in front. This may be a number, showing number of lengths, or an abbreviation for a horse racing distance – such as nose, head or neck.

Our full racing results also add age, weight (in stones and pounds) and OR – or “Official Rating”. In handicap races, this is the handicap number assigned to each runner, which dictates how much weight they carry in the race to try and ensure an even finish.

Racing Results for UK & Ireland

Our horse racing results cover every meeting in the UK & Ireland, and are available on every day there is racing. That, of course, includes major Festivals, so we provide Cheltenham Festival results, Grand National results, Royal Ascot results and so on.

If you have any feedback regarding our results page or any improvements to suggest, please contact us at our contact email address or on Twitter at @myracingtips.

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