£120 Greyhound Profit Monday – NAP, NB, Acca & Single ALL WIN!

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What started out as a rather quiet Monday turned out to be one of the best nights, if not the best night of the month. Our greyhound expert arrived into MRT HQ at 4pm with a right swagger and a big air of confidence. It’s not too often you see him with a massive smile on his face BEFORE the nights’ action gets under way. He breezed past us and just said “It’s time to get the cash out tonight boys”.

He put his tips up for the night at 6.30pm as always, got up off the chair and whistled as he calmly left the building. We have never seen him this confident so we knew we had to get our hard earned on the greyhounds on this fine Monday evening. We were hoping for a good night but we couldn’t imagine what a night it would turn out to be!

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The first dog to run was Swift McHernon in the Nottingham 7.37pm, tipped up at a massive 11/4 as a Single Tip. We had him tipped last time out where he was desperately unlucky in running and it was time to get our money back and more. He had the best form in the race so the price was ridiculous and this time he got a clear passage through to make no mistake! 11/4 Boooooooooooom.

Next up was the NAP of the night, Tady’s Robin running in the 8.22pm at Nottingham. He is a very classy dog and it is rare that he doesn’t lead around the first bend. We knew that if he was fit tonight and broke well, it was curtains! Tipped up at 5/4, he went off odds on and he pinged out of the lids as expected. He scooted clear to leave his rivals for dead. NAP LANDED & the first up in the Acca! Game ON!

Oscar Junior was our Next Best in the 8.37pm Nottingham, tipped up at a very tasty 6/4. Charlie Lister’s dog was in brilliant form returning to this track and he was posting very fast times in his recent trials. We knew that he would be nearly impossible to beat if he had no trouble in front of him. He got out well and stormed clear to laugh at his opponents! NAP, NB and 1/1 in the Acca ALL WON at this stage.

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The Twitter account nearly broke at this stage with bet-slips being sent in left, right and centre. “Should I Cash Out?”, “What the fekk will I do?”, “Agggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” and “Holy God, I am going to be rich?” were some of the tweets that were floating about. We see this excitement quite regularly here at MyRacing.com and it puts a smile on our faces.

The 2nd leg of the Acca was Making Paper, running in the Nottingham 8.51pm! He was unlucky to go out of the English Derby equation last week but we knew he’d make short work of this field. He was down in class and breaks well, massive chance! He was fast out of the blocks and we knew he stays all day after that. He absolutely bolted up and the dream was now fully alive, NAP, NB and 2/2 in the Acca all landed.

The entire night rested on Borna Mindy in the 9.41pm Nottingham and we were extremely nervous yet excited. We tipped her up last week when she bolted up at Sheffield so knew she was in the form of her life. Tipped up at 8/11, she went off at an SP of 4/6, very well supported. She made no mistake again tonight and WON!

▶ 5/4 NAP WON

▶ 6/4 NB WON

▶ £65 Acca WON

▶ 11/4 Single WON


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Here are some of the winning bet-slips that were sent in:

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