The Election Section: Who Will You Be Backing?

We will be backing a horse of a different kind tomorrow as we go to the polls to vote in the 2015 General Election. Conservative? Labour? Lib Dem? Green? UKIP?! So many choices, so little time.

When you’ve made your private decision concerning the party that best represents you, why not make a public declaration of love to that party by backing a horse with a suspiciously political name! Here’s a rundown of our best General Election-themed horses of the next couple of days!

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6th May 15:45, Chester

‘Lots of people call me Dave, my mum calls me David, my wife calls me Dave, I don’t really notice what people call me.’

Show your allegiance to Dave Cameron by supporting Phil McEntee’s Come on Dave! Ridden by Cathy Gannon, the six-year-old heads to Chester with good 5f all-weather form.


7th May 16:10, Newton Abbot

This is an obvious pun on the nickname of former Conservative Prime Minister and human marmite, Margaret Thatcher. The Iron Lady was one of her more complimentary monikers, others including ‘The Milk Snatcher’ and ‘Attilla The Hen’.

Thatcher’s uncompromising style and divisive politics have inspired both David Cameron and Nigel Farage. Unsurprisingly.

Richard Wollacott’s mare Theionlady is another one for Tory voters though is yet to garner the reputation of her namesake after failing to even challenge on her last few outings.



6th May 16:55, Chester

Red has long been associated with left wing politics and has been the colour of the Labour Party since its formation in 1900. Indeed the party’s official symbol was just a plain red flag up until as late as 1986 when the red rose was introduced.

Part of the Milifandom? Get behind Red Forever – Alan Berry’s perennial outsider looking to improve following another disappointing run at Wolverhampton last time out.


7th May 15:35, Newton Abbot

Cast your mind back to the seven-way election debate, the one that looked like a Weakest Link tribute. To everyone’s surprise, the human faux pas machine Ed Miliband performed relatively well;  well enough at least to satisfy the Labour contingent.

That was, until, his top secret notes were found by The Sun newspaper. Amongst vomit-inducing declarations to be ‘calm … never agitated’ and to ‘relish the chance to show who I am’, Miliband wrote that he should conduct himself as a ‘happy warrior’, borrowing from 18th century poet William Wordsworth.

The Happy Warrior is undoubtedly a spring horse having won at Taunton back in April. The soft ground lover is looking for his first win since November.


Whilst many will be expecting the winds of change, others will be anticipating NORMAL EQUILIBRIUM to resume regardless of who holds the balance of power. Robert Cowell’s charge is the favourite against Red Forever in today’s 16.55 at Chester.

Indeed cynics might also want to lump on SELECTIVE AMNESIA, something that most politicians enjoy. Don’t forget that Andy Oliver’s four-year-old will line up for tomorrow’s 18:30 1m 2f event at Clonmel.

Tories-Lib Dems-DUP, Labour-Lib Dems-SNP. However the coalition looks in the coming days you’ve got to hope that they come up with an effective COLLABORATION. Andrew Balding’s hat-trick seeker will take part in Chester’s opener tomorrow!

Finally, FAITH MATTERS. Marco Botti’s filly will be the bottom weight in tonight’s 1m 2f 19:45 event at Chelmsford City.

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