Safer Gambling Week 2021: 1st – 7th November

Safer Gambling Week in 2021 begins tomorrow, on November 1st, and runs until November 7th. Led by the gambling industry, this campaign aims to help normalise conversations with customers, staff and the wider public about safer gambling.

myracing is in unequivocal support of Safer Gambling Week and all it’s principles. Over all our social media, we’ll be helping the initiative by sharing information on how you can gamble responsibly. You can also find our Responsible Gambling page on site.

What are the main aims of Safer Gambling Week?

Safer Gambling Week aims to normalise the difficult topic of safer gambling with the betting industry. Gambling is a fun pastime for many, but it’s unfortunately very easy for it to become something far more than that. There are three main aims of Safer Gambling Week:

  • Give awareness of how to gamble safely
  • Show the available tools to help people gamble safely
  • Showcase the sources of further advice and support

What’s happening during Safer Gambling Week

Year round, venues and websites, including myracing, provide information regarding safer gambling. During Safer Gambling Week, however, that information is far more prevalent, in the hopes of driving those difficult conversations. To keep up with all the material, make sure you follow SGWeek21 on Twitter.

You’ll find a huge range of organisations and venues promoting Safer Gambling Week, with a range of promotional material with all the key information made available to all supporting organisations. The material covers a range of topics and they aim to cover these key points:

  • Ask questions about gambling behaviour
  • Highlight the five key behaviours of safer gambling
  • Provide the details of where and how to obtain further information and help if required
  • Promote the Safer Gambling Week website and social media channels: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all @SGWeek21

Safer Gambling Tips

There are five main tips when it comes to safer gambling, these are:

  • Only spend what you can afford to lose
  • Set your limits in advance for both time and expenditure
  • Only gamble when you’re in the right frame of mind
  • Don’t let gambling get in the way of personal relationships
  • Gambling is never the answer to any problem

Seeking Help

If you feel as though you’re struggling to keep your gambling safe, there are plenty of ways to reach out for a helping hand. For immediate support, GamCare can be contacted by telephone on 08088020133 (free of charge), or through online chat on

If you are concerned about your gambling and are worried you may have a problem, click here to find advice on how you can receive help.

Let's talk about Safer Gambling
1st - 7th November 2021
National Gambling HelpLine: Call FREE 0800 020 1009