Myracing speak exclusively with Lady Tatiana Mountbatten ahead of Goodwood charity race

Lady Tatiana Mountbatten

Lady Tatiana Mountbatten rides in the Magnolia Cup charity race at Goodwood next Thursday. A successful Dressage rider, Equestrian/country blogger and second cousin to The Queen, My Racing decided to get in touch with her ahead of the Glorious meeting.

How did the opportunity to ride in the Magnolia Cup come about?

“I have a life ambition to try every equestrian discipline once. Coming from a dressage background, racing is likely to be the most challenging for me (given how different it is) so I thought I’d tick it off as soon as possible.

“I first got asked to ride in the Magnolia Cup in 2018 but before I’d even sat on a racehorse, I fractured my hip whilst training for a triathlon and had to pull out. By 2020 I was fit to ride but the race was of course cancelled, so here we are in 2021 – third time lucky.”

How has your training gone so far? We saw on Instagram that you’re riding at Andrew Balding’s yard- it must be a huge privilege to train there?

“Andrew Balding’s yard, Park House Stables, is an incredibly impressive operation with over 60 staff on site and can be a very daunting place to turn up to when you’re full of nerves!

“When I first started my training I was absolutely terrified of the horses and so embarrassed of looking like I didn’t know what I was doing. The stable jockeys soon put me at ease with lots of advice and an abundance of kindness.”

How many days a week have you been riding out to prepare?

“I’ve been riding out twice a week for about three months but I’ve also continued training my dressage horses daily.”

Do you know which horse you’re riding yet?

“I do know which horse I’m riding but it’s a secret for now. All I can tell you is that his nickname is ‘Sharky’ because he bites everyone!”

Are you nervous or excited? I’d imagine it will both be thrilling and nerve-wracking to see a full crowd in attendance?

“A mixture of both I think. I know a few people who have fallen off during charity races which only adds to my anxiety. I’m hoping and praying that we all finish safely and enjoy every second of it.”

What was it like riding a racehorse at 40mph for the first time compared to riding dressage horses? Has your respect for jockeys who do this each day increased with the dangers, travelling, issues with weight etc?

“For the first few times, all I could think about was holding my position I’d learnt on the equicizer (mechanical horse) and repeating the wise words from the stable lads “Do not panic!”.

“I’ve absolutely loved every single ride I’ve done at Andrew’s yard, until last week when I got completely run away with for the first time. My watch recorded my highest heart rate of 197 bpm!”

Tell us a bit about your blog- have you always held an interest in horses and fashion?

“I’ve always found the elegance of equestrian sports mesmerising. Horse people are known to be alluring and tenacious. As a young girl I dreamt of becoming a cowgirl, sticking Ralph Lauren magazine ads to my bedroom walls.

“Being part of the equestrian world is a lifestyle more than a hobby, which is what I aim to emulate from my blog. I share all aspects of the equestrian life I have curated for myself, from products I discover to experiences and adventures from around the world.”

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Image credit: Instagram / tatianamountbatten

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