Greyhound Syndicate

In September 2015, broke new ground when adding greyhound racing tips to the site. The time has come to go a step further and expand into greyhound ownership by starting our own syndicate.  Owning a greyhound is a very exciting hobby but the cost of buying your own greyhound and then funding the kennel bills, veterinary costs and homing fees can become very expensive. Being involved in a syndicate however is not just about sharing the costs…it’s also about sharing the joy of winning.

It’s a great way to meet new people and share a mutual love for greyhound racing. Being a member of a syndicate can mean as much or as little as you wish. You are entitled to the same privileges as being a sole owner but can be part of a group that wants the same thing, to enjoy the thrill of owning a racing greyhound.

What have we done so far?

We have made contact with Jim Daly and his Kelva Kennels. Jim is one of the country’s tops trainers with a C.V that includes winning the Puppy Derby in 2005 with Jesters Nap as well as guiding the Grant Holt and Steve Morison owned Touch Tackle to Category 1 victory in the Regency. He is currently attached to one of the best greyhound tracks in the country at Crayford, just outside of London. Jim has a long established association with Droopys Stud with approximately 90% of his racing stock coming from Sean and Michael Dunphy. We have spoken to Jim about purchasing dogs exclusively for followers as part of a syndicate.

The costs involved

  • The initial cost of purchasing a dog can vary wildly from less than £1,000 to over £20,000!
  • The plan is to purchase 3 dogs initially with kennel fees of £7 + VAT per dog per day. This equates as to £26 per month per share if there is no prize money won. This does not cover vets bills and other running costs such as worming, visits to chiropractors etc which may be added.
  • We are looking to spend about £2,000 per dog for the initial syndicate with the hope that Jim will be able to source some nice pups for us who will arrive from Ireland with the famous ‘Droopys’ prefix but which we can rename for an extra cost.
  • With 30 shares available this will equate to about £200 each up front then 1/30th of whatever bill we have at the end of the month with the Daly kennels looking after collection of money. Defaulting on payment forfeits a share.

The shares will be distributed on a first come, first served basis and will be available to anyone 18 years of age or older. Each member will receive a certificate stating that they have a share in the greyhounds. Final decisions shall be made by in association with Jim Daly but structural comments and ideas are both welcomed and encouraged from shareholders. If oversubscribed on the initial greyhounds, a waiting list will be formed and once we have enough to form a second syndicate of dogs, Jim will source more in accordance with syndicate wishes.

What will I receive for my share?

  • Ownership of Greyhounds
  • Free entry to track when your dog is running subject to owners card availability
  • Password access to an online forum where you can talk to other members, keep updated on your greyhounds races and watch videos of your greyhounds in action.
  • You will receive text updates on dogs chances from Jim Daly as well as race previews from our greyhound tipster
  • Sunday morning member days so you can come to the kennels to meet your dogs
  • Kelva Kennels also organise owners open days with food etc to meet other owners in the kennel


  • How often will the dogs run? Providing there are suitable races a fit and healthy dog will run on average 3-4 times a month.
  • Where can I watch them run? If you can’t make it to the track, Crayford is on RPGTV on a Saturday night as well as shown live in the betting shops on Saturday morning’s + Tuesday and Thursday afternoon.
  • Will they race anywhere other than Crayford? The aim is to buy some young pups who will learn their craft at the lower level of racing called ‘graded’ solely at Crayford. The hope is that they will progress well enough to step up a level to ‘open’ racing at other tracks around the country and maybe even on Sky Sports!
  • How does prize money work? Every dog gets appearance money for racing, even when they finish last, There is naturally more for winning a race and that amount increases the better quality of contest that they run in. As with any hobby though, the idea is to have fun, it Is not a way to turn a profit.
  • What happens if they get injured? Similarly to the horses, injuries will happen from time to time although Crayford has a high percentage of old timers with more than 100 races on their resumes so it is among the safer tracks. The idea of having the 3 dogs in a syndicate is that interest will continue should an injury strike one of them. Vets bills vary depending on the severity but if they have to be retired, they will be offered to syndicate members first as pets, a future after racing is crucial, they all deserve a couch to relax on when their racing days are over.
  • Can we meet the dogs? Of course, owners will be given the chance to come down meet and walk the dogs on certain Sunday mornings throughout the year.

How to register your interest

Please send us an e-mail at with Greyhound Syndicate in the subject line. More details will be forthcoming once we have gauged the interest of our followers. Any other questions you have then please get in touch on the same address.

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