9.45pm Crayford Race Preview 10/02/2018

Greyhound Image - Crayford

Another Saturday night assignment for Meenagh Mourinho this week, on a night that we sponsor another race at Crayford. The atmosphere at the Kent track at the weekend is always great. so anyone at a loose end pop along for a night of quality racing. Our greyhound tips will be coming from Crayford, they’ll be up before 6.00pm.

9.45pm Crayford 10/02/2018 A1 Grade

Yahoo Esther – A regular in these top grade contests in recent weeks, she was just run down close home last time out. Her early pace will always make her a threat at this level, especially as she should have control of the inside from an early stage here.

Cuteen Jess – Another who has taken on Jose a couple of times in recent weeks, she doesn’t have the early pace to live with the 1 which is always going to put her on the back foot. Has a 2/10 record in this grade, but is another who should be in the mix for the multiples.

Pure Pepe – A member of a very smart litter, Pepe was back to his slick best last time in A2 grade. He has the early pace to go to the bend with the 1, though he couldn’t clear her last time they met so he needs a little more this evening.

Raymonds Return – Produced a superb performance to win the top grade affair last Saturday night, a flying 3.48 split and he was not for catching. That was a career best, a run that if reproducing could see him double up this week.

Conna Enfield – An old rival of Jose, one that has a smash break in his locker. He has 3 sub 3.50 sectionals from 15 times round Crayford, with 10/15 of 3.56 or quicker. He’ll need one of those tonight but is more than capable of taking home the bacon if he does.

Meenagh Mourinho – Jose has found life tough at A1 level, there is so much early pace in these races, that everything needs to be foot perfect to the bend. 15/22 breaks of 3.57 or quicker with 6 sub 3.50, he has the brute early to go with them, he just needs the luck to clear the field at the turn.


As always with these top grade races, there is a scary amount of early pace flying to the bend together. Jose has the sectionals to clear them if he is at his best, though he just hasn’t quite had enough early to avoid a bump at the turn since competing at this level. The 1 should be the hound to lead up the inside so she looks the biggest danger, but it’s hard to count any of the field out in another monstrously competitive top grade contest, bring it on!

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