5 reasons why betting online is smarter than betting in shops

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In this modern world, it has never been as easy to place a bet. Thanks to the digital world, it is now possible to place a bet with just one click of a button. For all that online betting is hugely popular, there still seems to be a great demand for the high street bookmaker. We will tell you why you should do your betting online below.

1. More choice = more value

When you walk through a town or city you will see the recognisable bookmakers. Paddy Power, Ladbrokes, William Hill would be the main three. However, if you bet online you are offered a much larger choice. You might have one or two options in your local town but you could have over a hundred options online.

Online betting has without doubt benefitted the consumer. In any walk of life, where there is competition, there is value to be had. Online bookmakers don’t have to worry about overheads like buying a premises or renting. In turn, they can be far more generous with their offers and odds.

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Many might be afraid of personal data being stolen when betting online. Bookmakers are all intensely regulated by recognised industry watchdogs like the UK Gambling Commission. Most online betting sites are very safe.

The best thing about opening an account online are the welcome offers. Take a look at our free bets page where you will gain access to the best new customer offers on the market.

2. More betting markets

When you walk into a high street shop, you will often see just greyhounds, football and horse racing on the screens. In order to find other markets, you may have to ask behind the counter or use a machine in the shop. This is far from convenient and is not punter-friendly.

When you bet online, you will have a limitless selection of betting markets. The popular markets like horse racing, football, tennis, rugby and cricket are covered. But you will also be able to find lots of markets on niche sports like curling, handball and even Gaelic Games which is Irish amateur football and hurling.

It is now also possible to bet on novelty markets such as politics, the Eurovision song contest and lots of other wacky events across the globe. In terms of horse racing, when you walk into a store, punters are lured into a win or each-way single bet. But when betting online, you can easily back place only, a distance bet and one horse to beat another horse in a straight match.

3. New customer welcome offers

In the traditional high street bookmakers, you will often see an odds boost on the window outside. The so-called offers that they offer their loyal customers are horrific in comparison to what you can find online. As the competition is so fierce online, the amount of betting offers and new customer welcome offers to be had is insane.

There is no doubt that it can be very confusing for a punter to find the best welcome offers around. Fear not, as our free bets page will make it easy for you to find the best place to put on your bets. When you get to the page, hop around and see which welcome offer will give you the most bang for your buck.

Some bookmakers, most in fact, will offer best odds guaranteed for horse racing which is a great asset to have. Take a look at the existing customer offers that these firms offer as in the long run they can make all the difference.

4. Cash out option

A traditional bet is one where you place it and you either win or you lose depending on the outcome of the event. In online betting however, bookmakers now offer you a cash out early option. Make no mistake about it, they wouldn’t offer these incentives because they are charitable. In the long run, people cashing out early make the bookmakers more money.

In saying that, as a punter it is always nice to have an insurance policy there if you need it. For example, you might have placed a £10 fourfold on the horses and the first three won at 4/1, 5/2 and 9/4. The last leg was 2/1 when you put on the bet but all of a sudden has gone for a walk in the market and is now 7/1. You really do not think this horse will win now.

So, what happens next? In a traditional shop, you have no option but to ride it out and hope for the best. Online however, you could potentially have a cash out of £900 on the table to take the money and run. If the horse wins at 7/1 you will regret it as the bet would have earned you £4,550. But if you are sure the horse won’t win, you now have the option to take the £900!

In some cases, having the cash out option is a blessing in disguise. But be warned, it can come back to bite you too.

5. Convenience

It is a freezing cold December afternoon and you are eager to get some bets on for the horses on Saturday. Your local bookmaker shop is a good mile away, a very healthy walk. Furthermore, why go out in the wind and rain to place a bet when you can do it from the comfort of your couch next to the open fire?

All you have to do is download the betting site app from your smartphone and join. You can then bet on any of thousands of sporting events taking place around the world in real-time. You don’t have to be standing outside the door of a high street bookmaker to open at 9.55am. In modern society, convenience is king.

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