10.35pm Crayford Race Preview 12/05/2018

Meenagh Mourinho

Meenagh Mourinho is the second runner of the night at Crayford for the myracing greyhound syndicate and although our greyhound tips will be coming from Towcester for the second day of the second round of the Greyhound Derby, all syndicate eyes will be on our pair of runners at Crayford

10.35pm Crayford 12/05/2018 A2 Grade

Trap 1 Blackrose Seve – A 23.66 winner in this grade in April, he has solid early pace but also stays 6 bends here so can burn the candle at both ends. He is a veteran now so isn’t getting any better but he sets a solid enough standard on the rails.

Trap 2 Fivestar Ruby – This is as far up the grades as she has been, just 2/18 in A3 so it’s not a surprise that she has struggled at this level. She doesn’t have the natural early that a hound needs to compete this high so looks set for another struggle tonight.

Trap 3 Pepesforone – Feast or famine type, backers will know their fate within a couple of strides. He has won twice in this grade within the last ten weeks, with his best sectionals of 3.50/3.52 strong at this level. Chance is controlling the inside.

Trap 4 Billis Tyson – Strong runner at this trip, he has picked up a couple of A2’s of late with his trademark powerful finish. Has the occasional flashy time to his credit, but he always needs luck and a race to fall in his lap late on to score.

Trap 5 Meenagh Mourinho – The orange jacket isn’t ideal but Jose was a smart winner of an A3 last week, holding off a pup from a very promising litter. He has some breathtaking sectionals when he is on his game, including a 3.48 from 5, with a 23.66 best. Not out of things but needs to be on his toes at lid rise.

Trap 6 Kerstin Boy – Very unpredictable trapper, he produced a 3.47 when he bolted up in an A3 at the end of March, clocking a flying 23.36. That was sandwiched by a pedestrian 3.79 and a modest 3.65 so it’s anyone’s guess if he turns up with his trapping boots.


Orange may not be ideal on the bare face of it for Jose but the 4 has no early pace and the 6 is an unpredictable as they come where trapping is concerned. If things go right then Jose has a decent chance of turning in front which will always give him a great chance as he runs his heart out every time. 3 is a danger if he comes away in his best fashion and the 6 could be a big player on his best form.

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