What Is The Tote Scoop 6?

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The Tote Scoop 6 is the one that every punter wants to win, with the Scoop 6 being the Tote’s self-proclaimed millionaire maker. It’s the most difficult of the Tote bets to land and is quite simply a life changer, so it’s certainly a bet you’ll only need to land once! For likelier prospects, our Tote Multiple Bets Guide is on site now and takes you through other ways you can win through the Tote, though they won’t return quite as much! If you want more information about the Tote in general, our Simple Guide to the Tote is also on site now.

What is the Scoop 6?

The holy grail of Tote bets, the Scoop 6 allows it’s player a chance to win a fortune. To do so, you’ll have to pick the winner of six nominated races, which can be found on Totesport’s website. They usually incorporate the terrestrial action, with the pot tending to roll over to bigger amounts at major festivals, with the races being much harder to find the winner from.

How can I gain a return?

There are three pots in play, a win fund, a place fund and a bonus fund. The win fund is shared between people who have selected all six winners and the place fund is shared out between people who haven’t selected all the winners, but have at least had all their selections place. If no one manages to select all six winners, then the win fund rolls over to the next week and continues to do so until a winner is found.

If you win the Scoop 6, you also have the chance to play for the bonus fund the following Saturday. To win the bonus fund, you’ll need to pick the winner of a nominated bonus race, with that yielding a monstrous return. If the winner(s) of last Saturday’s win fund don’t manage to find the winner of the bonus race, that pot rolls over to the next week. The Scoop 6 is always £2 to play and even if you don’t manage to get all six winners, there is still a chance for profit!

The Scoop 6 was last won on September 29th, with the pot starting at £74,986 as a base. This pot continues to grow as people play the Scoop 6, with the figure rolling over to £225,966 for November 10th. That number will grow even bigger on the morning of the 10th, as people get their entries in to try and win their fortune.

Scoop 6 Winners

Winners of the Scoop 6 aren’t as rare as you’d likely think, as there have been five pots claimed since May this year. There tends to be a peak and trough in terms of patterns, with four pots claimed from May 12th to July 28th but only one has been landed since.

Just as recently as September 29th, the Scoop 6 was claimed by a lucky winner who landed a mammoth £533,218! To make things even more life-changing, they had the chance to win the £248,321 bonus fund the next week, though it’s unknown if they managed to collect.

In May 2014, the pot rose to a record £10,740,797, with punter Craig Brazier landing a massive £1,342,599 share. The starting prices of the six horses were 16/1, 17/2, 8/1, 3/1, 3/1 and 7/1, which proves just how knowledgeable you have to be to land this prize, though a slice of luck is certainly needed!

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