2016 English Greyhound Derby Betting Tips & Runner By Runner Preview

On the 5th of May, the William Hill Greyhound Derby 2016 will get under way at Wimbledon stadium.  The biggest greyhound competition in the UK is worth £150,000 to the winning dog with 218 hounds entered!  The first round heats will be run across three days, Thursday 5th-Saturday 7th May with all races shown live on RPGTV.

2016 Greyhound Derby Tips

Droopys Roddick 16/1 Each Way

Roddick only turned two last month but this youngster has oozed class since the first time he raced in public at Enniscorthy in October. He hit the UK in November, tearing the final of the Puppy Derby to shreds, winning in a scarcely believable 27.97 for a 19 month old pup! He has been built up to competition readiness at Limerick and it is going to be tough to keep this boy out of the latter stages of the competition. It is likely that we are yet to see the best of this unexposed type so we could well be in for fireworks at some point over the six rounds.

Coolavanny Pat 66/1 Each Way

Premier Fantasy would likely have been one of the best Derby champions in recent years but for breaking a hock when clear in the 2004 semi finals. 12 years later one of his sons looks to add to the family Derby pedigree in the shape of Coolavanny Pat. This lad boasts excellent all round pace and the size to be able to ride a bump which given the way the track is set up now is a useful trait to possess. A 28.50 trial stakes winner on the 21st of April, the 2nd has won a trial stakes since to give the form a timely boost and he looks like going a fair way through the competition.

Domino Storm 50/1 Each Way

Bitches don’t have a great record taking on the boys in this competition but Storm could be the one to go a long way to bucking the trend. She has phenomenal early pace which is the biggest asset these days since they turned the track round giving a longer run to the first bend and a shorter run home. She comes here off the back of setting a new track record over Sheffield’s 500m and has been talked up by her trainer (champion Mark Wallis) as his strongest chance of taking home this famous prize.

Diego Flight 66/1 Each Way

A regular in the 28.50’s here, he is a bit more of a longshot selection given that he is going to have to do most of his work from behind. He was a finalist in the St Leger over the 687m trip at Wimbledon in November but that did not appear to have deadened his 4 bend pace when making his 2016 debut at Shawfield. He made the semi finals last year and given what he has shown over C&D in the past could well make a run to at least the same stage this year if not the final itself.

Below is our runner by runner guide to this year’s race with comments and a rating of 1-5 stars on each dogs chance!

Runner by runner guide to the 2016 Greyhound Derby

Aero Felony (250/1) – Half decent form in Ireland (28.71 Limerick) and at Monmore (28.53) but best of 29.19 Wimbledon suggests an uphill struggle. 

Aimnfire (200/1) – Smart front runner with excellent early pace. Struggled to see out this trip in the past but a few rounds progression would be no surprise given a ping break.. ⭐⭐

Ajlo Leaglbeagle (125/1) – Progressive in 2016 so far, including smart C&D form (28.67) however he is desperate for stripes.  ⭐

Allen Wizard (250/1) – Above average form at Henlow since arriving from Ireland but sole C&D effort suggests much more is needed to make an impact. 

Aventador (250/1) – Solid enough when he puts it all together (28.65 C&D) but lacks the consistency to have a major say overall. ⭐

Badabing (250/1) – Stays the trip well but lack of instant early means he will always have to do things the hard way. Only a baby though and could make it through a couple of rounds. ⭐⭐

Badmoonrising (500/1) – Made the 3rd round last year with a blistering 28.42 in the opening round. Rising 4 now however and not been in anything like the same form in 2016. 

Ballycannon Bob (250/1) – Feast or famine hound with a 28.58 win recently sandwiched by two more troubled runs. Ability to qualify a couple of rounds but more would be a surprise. 

Ballymac Brogan (100/1) – East Anglian Derby & Olympic Finalist in 2015 and the Arc Winner this year so the competition pedigree is there. A regular in the 28.30’s here last year but
was also a 1st round casualty! ⭐⭐⭐

Ballymac Cathal (500/1) – A flashy sprint at Nottingham last summer far outsrips anything else he has accomplished and will surely struggle. 

Ballymac Darragh (100/1) – Decent at his level as a 28.57 here showed. Been worried out of it early on, on last 2 starts however and that is a worry. 

Ballymac Frano (250/1) – Flew round in a Scottish Derby trial stake in March but that is a rare high point and lacks the consistency for a competition. 

Ballymac Lyster (100/1) – Shown pace in puppy company this year but was a shade disappointing when favourite in his latest race. 

Ballymac Matt (25/1) – Irish Derby winner in 2015 and Scottish Derby finalist this year he boasts an impressive C.V. 1st round flop here last year though and the suitability of this
track is a major question mark. ⭐⭐⭐

Ballymac Odowd (200/1 )– Asking an awful lot for a thrice raced pup to have any say at this level. 

Ballymac Shirley (100/1) – A troubled passage saw her excellent run of form grind to a halt last time but her early pace should see her though a couple of rounds at least. ⭐⭐

Ballymac Sinbad (250/1) – A promising sort last summer, his recent form would suggest he will struggle to make any impact on this competition. 

Bang On Giles (200/1) – Consistent young dog but flying too high here. 

Bansha Rooskey (500/1) – Made an impact going through the grades at Sheffield but this is a big jump in class to take. 

Barricane Bullet (40/1)  – Sizeable youngster with a decent turn of early pace. Inexperienced to be taking on this kind of competition but a run to the latter stages would be no surprise. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Barricane Storm (250/1) – Thrown in the deep end after just 8 career starts but if able to trap consistently a few rounds progression is possible. ⭐⭐

Be Up Front (200/1) – Eclipse finalist at Nottingham in 2014 but the level of form shown since is nothing like good enough to compete. 

Bellmore Neymar (150/1) – Irish raider was on a lot of radars after a 28.49 in the 1st round last year. Withdrawn before the 2nd round, he will be looking to make a longer impact in 2016. ⭐⭐

Bevs Bandit (500/1) – Multiple top grade winner at Sittingbourne but no claims at this level. 

Black Alder (66/1) – Boasts some quick times in Ireland but lacks a little consistency to repeat it round by round. ⭐⭐

Blackrose Buddy (150/1)  – Couple of good times in graded company at Clonmel in January but nothing to suggest he can get involved here. 

Blackrose Glenn (150/1) – One flashy run in a Henlow maiden but this is too tough. 

Blakes Turbo (200/1) – Regular winner of one off opens but not good enough to progress more than a round or two. 

Blue Cafu (150/1) – Excellent turn of early pace on occasion but doesn’t do it consistently enough to be seriously considered. ⭐

Bockos Alfie (100/1) – Young pup has excellent early but is thrown in the deep end here. ⭐⭐

Bockos Beauty (200/1) – Triple top grade winner at Sheffield but this is a world away from that. 

Bockos Bolasie (200/1) – Has a 28.50 over C&D on the resume but no consistency to back that run up. ⭐⭐

Boyneside Fun (100/1) – Has the early pace to get out of trouble through a round or two but stamina tends to ebb off the final bend. ⭐⭐

Boyneviewfantasy (500/1) – A stiffer test of stamina would probably suit better and unlikely to get involved. 

Bramble Bruno (200/1) – Better known as a sprinter and should find others too strong coming home. 

Bramble Magpie (100/1) – Knocked over when sent off joint favourite for the Puppy Derby Final at Monmore in March. Asking a lot of an inexperienced pup but shouldn’t be underestimated. ⭐⭐⭐

Bramble Ri (200/1)– Has shown ability in Ireland but this is asking a bit too much of him at his stage. 

Bramble Ted (250/1) – Multiple top grade winner at Newcastle but that level of form isn’t good enough for such a quality competition. 

Briar Hill (500/1) – Won the last twice at Harlow but this is chalk and cheese from that level. 

Brinkleys King (100/1)  – Purchased from Ireland specifically for this competition. He has a decent turn of early but needs to take the form up another couple
of notches. ⭐⭐⭐

Bubbly Bingo (200/1) – Excellent early pace may allow him through a round or two but ultimately is going to find others stronger late on. 

Bubbly Cuba (500/1) – Progressed through the grades at Romford but would need a miracle to win this competition. 

Bubbly Hunter (500/1) – One flashy time in Ireland but a recent 29.06 trial a long way short of what is required. 

Bubbly Monarch (500/1) – 1/17 since coming over from Ireland and meerly giving the owners the prestige of a runner. 

Bubbly Torpedo (200/1) – Shown natural pace in 3 career races so far but thrown in the deep end here. 

Bubbly Turbo (100/1) – Decent early pace could allow him to get through a round or two but that would appear to be the limit of expectations. ⭐⭐

Bubbly Zeus (200/1) – Enough latent ability to make the 3rd round/quarter finals but possibly lacks the consistency for that to actually happen. ⭐⭐

Budgie Power (500/1) – From a cracking damline but hasn’t shown enough quite yet to be considered for this competitin. 

Calco Flyer (150/1) – Holds no secrets but has been in excellent racent form and has only finished outside the first 3 twice in his last 16 races so a couple of rounds progression looks fairly likely. ⭐⭐

California (100/1) – Has shown a nice turn of early in trials but that is as far as his chance goes. 

Calzaghe Billy (100/1) – Lit up the stopwatches with a 28.23 trial on the 21st of April. If he could repeat that he can go a long way but showing the same level with other dogs round him hasn’t always been easy. ⭐⭐⭐

Castell Henry (200/1) – Monmore Puppy Derby winner has yet to show the same level of form at Wimbledon but respected if he can. 

Castledale Magic (150/1) – 2/2 in Ireland but this is asking an awful lot of such an inexperienced dog. 

Ceroc Grumpy (250/1) – Much more consistent in 2016 and while that might get him through a round or two he is unlikely to make it much further. 

Charity Buster (200/1) – This lad runs Henlow really well but has shown decent form here and his early pace could be a valuable weapon to qualify early on. ⭐⭐

Clondoty Alex (200/1) – Solid early pace and consistent on the clock. While he would be a surprise winner, a quarter final looks well within his capabilities. ⭐⭐⭐

Clonkeen Stanley (500/1) – Has shown ability but not on a regular enough basis to be of any real interest. 

Cloran Paddy (50/1) – The type that Charlie Lister does well with so isn’t dismissed lightly but needs to show far more consistency at trap rise. ⭐⭐⭐

Clubber Lang (200/1) – Impeccably bred and has shown pace in limited outings so far but going to need to up the ante considerably. ⭐⭐

Coolavanny Gold (200/1) – Lightly raced for one of his age but this demands an awful lot more. 

Coolavanny Gooch (200/1) – Bolted up in the Henlow Masters Final when last seen but does seem to save his best for that track. ⭐⭐

Coolavanny Pat (66/1) – Boasts excellent all round pace and going a fair way through the competition would be no surprise. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Coolavanny Slip (150/1) – Plenty of natural pace but the lack of consistency at trap rise is likely to be the killer blow. ⭐⭐

Cork Falcon (150/1) – Shown a solid level of form in 2016 but will need to go above and beyond that to figure. 

Costa (500/1) – Smart enough hound on the bunny but that will be no easy task. 

Crokers Champ (150/1) – 2014 finalist but 1st round casualty in 2015. Tough to know how much to expect from the veteran. ⭐⭐

Crossfield Molly (100/1) – Boasts an excellent turn of early pace and that should be enough to see her through a couple of rounds at the very least. ⭐⭐

Damson Jam (400/1) – Tends to save his best form for Sheffield but is a talented hound and may surprise a few. ⭐⭐

Deanridge Angel (100/1) – Tends to run up a sequence when hitting form but going to need more than seen of late for this level of task. 

Deanridge Madbye (200/1) – Likely to make up into a decent hound in time but this looks too tough. 

Deanridge Penny (500/1) – Better known as a stayer, is going to need plenty of luck weaving through from the back to qualify through this competition. 

Deanridge Kerry (66/1) – Decent early pace will stand him in good stead but likely to find others stronger. 

Diego Flight (66/1) – Really strong runner over this trip. Capable of some flashy times and could be one who keeps doing enough to qualify. ⭐⭐⭐

Do If For Twiggy (66/1) – One of the stories of 2015 winning the Kent and East Anglian Derbies. Plenty of all round pace and can go through a fair chunk of this competition. ⭐⭐⭐

Domino Storm (100/1) – In the form of her life at the moment, fresh off a new TR at Sheffield it would be folly to dismiss her despite bitches not having a great record. ⭐⭐⭐

Dorotas Tiger (100/1) – Shown pace in trials but only ever had 1 race! Would be some story if he were able to win. ⭐⭐

Double Oh Seven (66/1) – Showed pace with a 28.45 trial but lacks the race times to trouble the principals. ⭐⭐

Dragon Overlord (500/1) – Looks here for a day out in the first round. 

Droopys Ambition (200/1) – Just the sole career win, this looks too difficult. 

Droopys Astorish (200/1) – Took form to a new high in the Puppy Derby at Monmore but Wimbledon has never looked like a track that suits him. 

Droopys Awesome (50/1) – Impressive UK debut, lightly raced and likely to improve further, could be a dark one in the betting. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Droopys Buick (25/1) – Scottish Derby Finalist who equalled the track record in the semis. Likely to go a long way if that hasn’t left a mark. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Droopys Cambs (500/1) – Hasn’t shown enough to suggest will get involved.  

Droopys Latina (33/1) – Ante post gamble on this Irish raider following a smart sprint trial. Failed to justify favouritism in a trial stake but is respected. ⭐⭐⭐

Droopys Roddick (16/1) – Ante post favourite since winning the Puppy Derby in November over C&D in 27.97! Winner of 6 of 7 starts since, he fully justifies his position at the head of the market as he is a machine! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Droopys San Jose (500/1) – Shown nothing so far to consider. 

Droopys Turin (200/1) – Has really clicked since Christmas but needs to get to the front as 480 is as far as he wants to go. 

Droopys Two (250/1) – Needs to take form to a whole new level to make it to round two. 

Ebony Flyer (150/1) – Showed blistering early to score in 28.40 last time but that is more a rarity than a regular thing. ⭐⭐

Eden The Kid (20/1) – A finalist last year and in this years Scottish Derby, his early pace will always give him a chance to qualify and another final would be no surprise. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

El Mystro (200/1) – Pup has shown ability in Ireland but this is going to demand considerably more. 

Ela Alecko (66/1) – Was only a neck behind the ante post favourite at Limerick in April but has shown little in two looks at Wimbledon. ⭐⭐

Embers Fury (100/1) – Arc finalist at Swindon and has a nice turn of early but probably needs a bit more again to go further than the mid point of the competition. ⭐⭐

Express Master (250/1) – Admirable veteran in good form but this should prove beyond him. 

Face The Blade (100/1) – Excellent early pace on his day and a 28.52 trial stake win suggests he shouldn’t be underestimated if able to continue his current run of good health. ⭐⭐⭐

Famias Hope (500/1) – Wins in his turn but basic level of form is a fair way short of what is required. 

Farloe Axle (125/1) – Excellent early on his day but just as likely to walk out as ping and that will cost him. ⭐⭐

Farloe Cody (200/1) – Needs to improve massively on the form currently in the book. 

Farloe Joey (50/1) – Has produced a few very smart runs in Ireland and could be a likely outsider. ⭐⭐⭐

Farneys Cookie(500/1) – Smart at his best but is bordering on veteran status these days. 

Farran Smith (200/1) – Just the one win in 8 career races but he has enough all round pace to sneak through a couple of rounds. ⭐⭐

Fire Height Tosh(100/1) – Blistering early pace when on his game but a 2nd round exit last year and unlikely to fare much better this time around. ⭐⭐

Fizzypop Buddy (200/1) – Ante Post favourite for the Regency, asking an awful lot to figure here a few days removed from that competition. 

Fizzypop Hawk (500/1) – Multiple top grade winning local but the 2nd round would be a success. 

Garryglas Droopy (500/1) – Always shown better form over further, likely to find others too sharp. 

Gelong (100/1) – Fair enough in Ireland but not good enough to consider here. 

Genuine Deejay (500/1) – Has the odd piece of very decent form but not consistent enough to support. 

Ginas Lad (250/1) – Going to have to take form to a new level to get involved. 

Greenhill Gem (200/1) – Getting to the 2nd round would be a win for connections. 

Gyp Rosetti (100/1) – Smart form in Ireland but a first look at Wimbledon didn’t yield much encouragement. ⭐⭐

Hell Letloose (500/1) – Unlikely to give the big guns any kind of trouble. 

Hiya Butt (50/1) – Blistering win at Nottingham and could use that early pace to good use to get through a couple of rounds. ⭐⭐

Holdem Bernad (500/1) – The odd glimmer of class but likely to find others too speedy over 480m here. 

Holdem Chico (200/1) – Not seen in competitive action in 2016 and that ring rust could cost him. 

Honour And Glory (250/1) – Veteran here to give connections a day out in London. 

Honour Jet (250/1) – Decent type on the Northern circuit but shouldn’t trouble the big boys here. 

Hot Pipe (150/1)– Sprung a shock in the Scottish Derby, respected on that but lightning unlikely to strike twice. ⭐⭐

Hovex Prince (250/1) – Not shown anything in the UK to suggest he can figure. 

Ibiza Rocks (200/1) – Has a smash break in the locker but will need to pull that out from the first round to qualify. 

Imperial Express (100/1) – Fair trial most recently over C&D but will need plenty more to progress beyond the first few rounds. ⭐⭐

Insane George (500/1) – Aptly named if anyone is thinking of backing this hound for glory. 

Jacks Drico (150/1) – Not shown anything like enough yet to consider. 

Jaytee Dutch (66/1) – Some very smart runs at the back end of 2015 but yet to really get going this year. 

Jaytee Jet (14/1) – Made the quarter finals as a puppy in 2015, can go better than that now more experienced, big player. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Jaytee Patriot (100/1) – Shown ability in trials, the big question is whether he can produce that under race conditions. ⭐⭐

Jaytee Spartacus (25/1) – 2nd to Droopys Roddick in the Puppy Derby last year, returned here in rude health, looks to have a real chance of long term progression. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Johns Present (250/1) – Seems to find trouble wherever he goes, unlikely to figure. 

Kakantu (300/1) – Exposed stayer, can’t see him playing much of a role. 

Kentish Duke (200/1) – Shown the odd flash of speed but nothing like enough to get involved. 

Kereight Dodger (200/1) – Promising pup but needs to up his game fast. 

Kildallon Bruno (100/1) – Shown lots of pace in trials in the UK, needs more under race conditions. 

Killeacle Tig (1500/1) – Beating one home in the first round would be a huge win! 

King Alley (150/1) – Very smart sprinter but this trip stretches him. 

Knockbawn Caviar (250/1) – Rarely runs a bad race but the halfway mark of the competition would be a triumph. 

Knockbrogan King (100/1) – Clicked over shorter recently but this is a very different test. 

Knockraha Jet (500/1) – Nothing like good enough to play a hand. 

Laughil Max (500/1) – Top grade winner but well short of this level. 

Lemon Jamesy (250/1) – Needs to up his game considerably to make an impact. 

Lenson Panda (33/1) – Very smart sort on the bunny, should make it into the second half of the competition. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Lenson Rocky (66/1) – Smart form in the juvenile classic in February but needs more again now. ⭐⭐

Lenson Sanchez (66/1) – 5/2 when a beaten semi finalist last year. Not been in the same form in 2016 so far but folly to write off. ⭐⭐⭐

Lenson Santi (250/1) – Shows the odd glimmer of decent form but nothing like good enough to get involved in the business end of this competition. 

Lenson Walcott (250/1) – Blistering sprint at Hove in December but nothing close to that level of form before or since. 

Loughteen Eoin (200/1) – Henlow specialist with plenty of all round pace, needs more here though. 

Macs On Storm (250/1) – Best form over further, going to struggle to get involved. 

Making Paper (66/1) – 5th in last year’s final. The type to keep plugging away and qualifying but still likely to come up short. ⭐⭐⭐

Melodys George (500/1) – Youngster given a stiff task to take on some of these. 

Melodys Winner (500/1) – Turned over in graded company latest, impossible to fancy. 

Millwards Whitey (150/1) – Solid open race campaigner but not been at his best in 2016. 

Monty Don (500/1) – Unlikely to land a telling blow. 

Mucho Macho Man (100/1) – Very smart on his day but lacks the consistency to land a blow in a competition. ⭐⭐

Must Be Jack (66/1) – One stand out piece of form in Ireland that would be good enough for him to go through a good few rounds but hasn’t reproduced that. ⭐⭐

My Mate Max (250/1) – More poor runs than good this year, unlikely to improve that here. 

My Real Mutley (500/1) – Decent early pace and while not likely to make a massive impact has only failed to finish in the first 3 in 1 of his last 19 races so a couple of rounds would be no surprise. ⭐⭐

Mystical Dreamer (200/1) – Smart hound but likely to give himself too much to do from the back against quicker types. 

Newlawn Ned (150/1) – Some decent efforts since arriving from Ireland but needs more again. 

Ninja Diva (500/1) – Top grade Poole tracker, unlikely to see him beyond round 2. 

Noirs Allen (250/1) – Solid enough at his level but shouldn’t be able to cope with these. 

Oakfield Caesar (250/1) – Consistent at a lower level but needs considerably more. 

Old Joe Golden (100/1) – Impressive in a pair of trial stakes, could well make an impact into the second half of the competition. ⭐⭐⭐

Omega Kin (500/1) – Has to take form to a brand new level to figure. 

On Alert (150/1) – Smart hound made the 3rd round last year but often leaves himself too much to do. 

Our Fin (200/1) – Lightly raced and open to improvement but will need plenty more. ⭐⭐

Paradise Maverik (100/1) – Semi Finalist last year, form coming in not as good this time round and will find it tough to improve on 2015. ⭐⭐

Pass To Go (200/1) – Penty of early pace but will need trouble behind to make it beyond the first few rounds. 

Pennys Radamal (250/1) – Tough to see him making any kind of impact. 

Peregrine Falcon (66/1) – Irish Derby Finalist in 2015, has trialled ok at the Don, couldn’t discount a lengthy stay in the competition. ⭐⭐⭐

Pinpoint Boom (100/1) – Some very smart times on his C.V, could put a run together into the latter half of the rounds. “”

Pinpoint Den (100/1) – Shown decent early pace in trials but needs to improve again. 

Queen Asia (150/1) – Early pace is this girl’s weapon but she needs to be consistent to keep herself out of trouble. 

Quivers Camps (500/1) – Tough to see how any plus side for this one. 

Revilo Bob (500/1) – Progressive in Ireland but at a far inferior level. 

Revilo Fox (500/1) – One standout run so far, the rest a long way short of what is required. 

Rio San Marino (100/1) – Solid early and stays this 480 trip strongly. Could be the type to keep making the frame. ⭐⭐⭐

Romeo In Milan (100/1) – Lacks the consistency to have much of a say. 

Rookies Mac (500/1) – Shown very little so far in the UK. 

Roswell Iceman (66/1) – Won a trial stake and is decent on his day, couple easily get to the halfway mark. ⭐⭐⭐

Roxholme Barkley (66/1) – Some very smart times in 2015, wouldn’t write off too quickly. ⭐⭐

Roxholme Ted (200/1) – Semi Finalist last year, might have to work hard to repeat those heroics in 2016 but not totally discounted. ⭐⭐⭐

Saffrons Boxer (150/1) – Showed what he is capable of at Towcester at the start of April but needs to run to that level and more to progress. 

Salacres David (500/1) – Devoid of early and a stiffer test would suit. 

Sand Brier (300/1) – Plenty of early pace but begins to paddle turning for home. 

Santas Scolari (200/1) – Smart trial stake winner but that was a career best, needs to prove he can repeat that. 

Shaneboy Freddie (100/1) – Shown decent form when getting on the bunny, will need to hit the lids consistency. ⭐⭐

Shutthe Backdoor (150/1) – Has struggled to get to grips with the track so far but would be capable of making the 3rd round at least if it clicks. ⭐⭐

Sidarian Padre (150/1) – Will need considerably more to have a chance of making round 2. 

Sizzlers Puma (500/1) – Tough to see any hope here. 

Sky Dancer (500/1) – Shown decent form when able to boss lesser lights, much more on his plate here. 

Slaneyside Pup (250/1) – Some half decent times in the Midlands but can’t see him being anywhere near good enough. 

Sleepy Feed (1000/1) – Thoroughly exposed Kinsley top grader, this is too tough. 

Slippy Perry (150/1) – Thrown in the deep end here but showed some smart form in Scotland and far from a complete no hoper. ⭐⭐

Sneezys Hero (200/1) – Not shown anything like his best form at Wimbledon so far. 

Solvitas Rocket(250/1) – Multiple open winner at Nottingham but this demands far more. 

Southern Mccoy (250/1) – Looks to face an uphill struggle to make any impact. 

Southfield Jock (100/1) – Ultra smart on his day, he has the ability to make the final if he can find some consistency as that has often been his downfall. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Sparta Flame (500/1) – Bundles of early pace but this trip stretches him. 

Sparta James (200/1) – This looks an uphill task on Irish form but some glimmers of promise from trials. 

Starring Storm (150/1) – Some solid times at Hove, working up through the grades and if able to reproduce that at Wimbledon could make it through a couple of rounds. 

Stay Loose (66/1) – Gymcrack winner and Laurels semi finalist last year so competitions hold no fears but form shown at Wimbledon hasn’t quite matched up just yet. ⭐⭐

Stay Lucky (100/1) – A little bit of a Jekyll and Hyde character but a decent hound on his day. Lack of consistency could be his downfall. ⭐⭐

Swabys Norah (500/1) – Tough to see this bitch playing much of a role in the Derby. 

Swift Botha (500/1) – Early pace from this sprinter but going to need plenty of luck to progress anywhere. 

Swift Whirlwind (200/1) – Ideally suited but further but has a smash break in his locker and may progress a round or two. ⭐⭐

Tarsna Havana (50/1) – Plenty of speed shown in Ireland and early Wimbledon trials were fine. Could go a fair way if able to find his feet in the early rounds. ⭐⭐⭐

Teds Last (100/1) – Plenty of speed but yet to find his trapping boots in the UK and that will make things more difficult. 

Teejays Panther (250/1) – Solid and dependable type but this is going to prove too tough. 

Tellhimjohn (200/1) – Has shown ability at a lower level but nothing to suggest he is capable of taking more than a minor role. 

Tommys Shadows (200/1) – Asking an awful lot from a young pup to do anything here. 

Toms Dream (1000/1) – Youngster has shown ability but this is a different league of opposition. 

Toolmaker Scot (66/1) – 28.54 in a trial stake showing plenty of early pace before fading. Consistent trapping could see him progress through a few rounds. ⭐⭐⭐

Torphin Bluesky (250/1) – Bundles of early pace, will need that to qualify through a round or two.

Trapper Jodie (1000/1) – Kinsley grader who looks outclassed. 

Tynwald Baz (125/1) – Still adjusting to racing life, more of a long term project. 

Tynwald Rodney (200/1) – Smart form in Ireland but got nowhere close to that in the UK so far. 

Tyrur Fergal (150/1) – Lot on this youngsters plate but he does have plenty of early pace which will be useful. 

Uluru Candy (250/1) – A sprinter by trade, this is a very different test. 

Viking Jack (250/1) – 2015 Semi Finalist but not close to the same form so far in 2016. ⭐⭐

Water Fern (150/1) – Showed plenty of pace in Ireland and a nice turn of early in a solo look, could go though a couple of rounds. ⭐⭐

Westway Hawk (200/1) – Needs to up his game to play any part beyond round 1. 

Willy Whitesocks (200/1) – Shown consistent early pace at Romford but has struggled to come away elsewhere, will need to improve. 

Wonder Millie (150/1) – Looks set for a relatively short stay in the competition. 

Yassoo Martin (100/1) – Still unexposed but some very smart times over C&D when he pings! There are far worse 100/1 shots in the competition. ⭐⭐⭐

You Never Listen (250/1) – Very fast bitch but her best form is over considerably shorter. 

Young Romeo (500/1) – Plenty of ability but struggles to put it all together at the same time. 

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