Greyhound Syndicate – Update 2

It was an exciting week for the myracing greyhound syndicate as our pups hit Crayford for the first time. It’s always a fine balance at this stage, a head full of dreams but knowing from fifteen years of owning these beautiful hounds that feet need to remain on the ground, taking one step at a time. For those who have watched racing from Crayford, they will know that the Kent track is one of the tightest in the country, a course that isn’t the easiest to run first time. Both Droopys Hyde and Droopys Nuka went round on Tuesday afternoon with Droopys Dazzle set to make her debut Friday night.

Droopys Nuka

Nuka was in the last of the nine trials that Crayford had before racing on Tuesday afternoon. She came away from the lids well for a debutante with a 3.67 sectional but got a little lost on the first bend, running off wide before picking the lure back up off the second. She ran the turn much better second time round after finishing her trial, clocking a very respectable 24.48 on her first go. Clearly she still has plenty to learn about trackcraft but that is a first trial with huge promise and everyone in the syndicate was delighted. As a comparison, Droopys Andes clocked 24.45 on his first look with a 3.75 sectional, he has gone on to win a top grade A1 and an open race. Droopys Romina did a 24.55 with a 3.72 sectional, she was an A3 winner earlier in May and has finished 3rd in an open. Naturally there is no guarantee that Nuka will progress as much or as rapidly as these other two that Jim Daly has had, but it’s a solid early comparison. For a look at Nuka’s first Crayford trial, check out the video below!

Droopys Hyde

Hyde arrived from Ireland with masses of lighter coloured puppy coat still unshed, giving the impression that he wasn’t as forward as the two girls. It was to immense delight then that he clocked a swift 24.27 on his first look, two and a half lengths quicker that Nuka but with a similar 3.66 sectional time. Jim Daly said afterwards that it was “a very pleasing first trial, especially as he clipped the inside rail at the 3rd bend.” He ran the bends considerably tighter than Nuka did, with an easy upgrade on the effort from that collision with the rails. Both will have their second trial next week, their first with other dogs around them which will tell us far more. Sadly we didn’t manage to get a video of his trial but we will endeavour to get one of his next effort. We will be back with the third greyhound update next Friday with news of Dazzle’s first look at Crayford as well as the second trial from Nuka and Hyde.

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