7.07pm Harlow Race Preview 29/10/2017

Greyhound Image - Crayford

Sunday is an important day for the myracing.com greyhound syndicate with our first runner in open class as Jose goes to Harlow for a charity night contest. Our greyhound tips will be up at 6.00pm tonight, until then let’s break down the field that Jose will be facing on his first run for us away from Crayford.

7.07pm Harlow 29/10/2017 OR Grade

Swift Edwards – Veteran is yet to score in four runs at this track, despite 26.02 and 26.10 times to his credit. He has a decent turn of early and despite his age, he should have a solid chance in this line-up as it isn’t the strongest open ever run. He has 10 open race wins to his credit already.

Blackrose Glenn – 7 open wins on his resume but he has never shown his very best on this track in the past. Looks unlikely to lead the 1 up so is going to have to do things the hard way which is no easy task at this track.

Kelva Cuthbert – A fellow Jim Daly inmate, he was in flying form in the summer, climbing from A4 to A1, winning in top grade at the end of August. His trial here was a little disappointing given the ability he has shown at Crayford but he is entitled to be sharper for the look.

Listen Danny – Solid form in Ireland, but he has yet to get higher than A2 at Peterborough. He has plenty of early pace but despite the middle seed is more of a railer. He may do the inside no favours if he can come away in his best fashion here as he did when winning an open here last time.

Deanridge Beast – A1 winner at Yarmouth, he has been long odds when taking in open contests of late. Yet to have a look round here which is a bit of a concern for Jose to his outside at the bend, with a recent trial at Crayford suggesting that he is capable of heading to the bend quickly if hitting the lids first time here which isn’t easy.

Meenagh Mourinho – Climbed the grades well at Crayford, runner-up in A2 when last there. As an early paced dog, the first look here was always going to be difficult as it’s a different hare. He missed the kick a mile, avoided getting wiped out at the bend before hitting the front and winning his trial. The time was nothing special but he left 20 spots in the traps alone.


A very tough race for Jose to kick off his open race life with the inside pair having 17 open race wins between them. The big advantage that he has is that the 4 has plenty of early and will head straight to the rails to potentially hamper the inside runners. If 5 misses the up which is possible, Jose might be well placed in acres of room heading to the bend. He realistically needs to find 10 lengths to win this in a clean run race and although 5/6 lengths is expected improvement if he traps, perhaps that will be enough if it gets messy behind, we can hope so anyway!

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