Responsible Gambling, The Points To Consider

Responsible Gambling Week 2019

Here at, we are strong supporters of Responsible Gambling week – which runs from the 7th November through to the 13th.

Responsible Gambling is the principle that gambling should be enjoyable and helps to identify any warning signs for those that feel like their betting levels are becoming out of control.

We are determined to help our followers to use our Horse Racing and Greyhound Racing Tips in a responsible manner, with the aim of helping you to gamble in a positive and unproblematic fashion.

Whether you feel you may have a problem with gambling, other people close to you have ever questioned your gambling or even if you have ever regretted just a single bet, it may be time to reassess your relationship with betting.

Don’t Gamble More Than You Can Afford To Lose

The very act of placing a bet, is of course a gamble. There are no guarantees, no certainties, no sure things. Betting any amount of money is always a risk, which even the most seasoned campaigners are liable to lose.

Thus, it is paramount that you do not gamble more than you can afford to lose. If losing or winning a bet is the difference between you paying bills, buying the necessities of life or otherwise taking part in other activities, then it would be wise not to place that bet.

Don’t Neglect Your Responsibilities

Gambling should never get in the way of more pressing responsibilities, whether that be your mental and physical health, your family or your work. Lifestyles and relationships can all be tested by gambling, and so it is important not to put your life on hold in order to gamble, but vice versa.

Consider Your Time As Well As Your Money

It is not just the loss of money that is a negative of gambling. The loss of time is almost as important. Here at myracing we provided tips for most of the day’s UK and Irish racing, as well as Australian, American and Greyhound tips.

It is important to remember that whilst you have access to all this, it is important not to feel obliged to bet on anywhere near all of these, for that would require too much time and money.

Take some time off from gambling every now and then, whether it be a day, a week or a month, in order to reassess what positives and negatives you gain from the activity, allowing you time away from what can an activity that can become both pervasive and destructive.

Treat It As A Hobby

Gambling should be a positive. Going to the races, studying the form and developing theories are all parts of the excitement and intrigue of punting. When becoming too obsessed with the financial aspect of betting, the fun of these things quickly disappear.

It’s important to remember why there are so many bookmakers available. Because there are millions of us gamblers out there, who, regardless of the time and effort we may put into our punting activities, are almost always bound to lose money.

If you can derive no pleasure from simply cheering on a horse and feel no different if it were to lose, if you are unable to dust yourself afterwards and carry on with your day as normal, then perhaps gambling has too much of a hold on you.

If there is even a small chance you may regret the bet, do not place it. If the money means more to you in your pocket or in your bank account than it could do wagered on a horse, dog or match, keep it there.

Please Gamble Responsibly