Responsible Gambling – Betting At A Safe Level


Here at myracing, we are strong supporters of Responsible Gambling week – which runs from the 17th October through to the 23rd.

Responsible Gambling is the principle that gambling should be enjoyable and helps to identify any warning signs for those that feel like their betting levels are becoming out of control.

With the ability to place a bet now easier than ever, we have four pointers to help keep your punting at a safe level, so using our horse racing tips – or greyhound racing tips – remains a fun process.

1. Set A Budget And Stick To It

Two of the most important things to consider before gambling is whether you are betting more than you can afford to lose – or whether you are chasing any losses. Setting a budget that you are willing to spend on a monthly, or even daily, basis should help to stop this – allowing you to remain in control and prevent any gambling-related issues.

Using the Deposit Limit feature on your chosen online betting account is a handy way of restricting the amount you can deposit over a certain time frame.

2. Only Gamble With A Clear Head

It is important to only gamble when your judgment is clear, with those being under the influence of alcohol – or those that are emotional – far more likely to make irrational decisions in regards to their betting. It is wise to sit back and evaluate before placing any bets, hopefully preventing you from acting outside of your normal judgement.

The Cool Off Period feature on your account will prevent access to a site in the short term – usually up to 30 days. If a longer-term option is preferred, Self Exclusion provides a similar service, but usually for months or even years.

3. Keep Track Of How Much Time You Spend Gambling

If gambling is becoming so time-consuming that you are beginning to see friends and family less, or that it is stopping you from enjoying any recreational time – it would be wise to assess your relationship with betting. This can be done by keeping track of time spent gambling – and how many bets you are placing over a certain timeframe.

Your Account History allows you to track settled and unsettled bets, deposits and withdrawals, to see how much you have bet over a certain period. Whilst setting Reality Checks will also produce regular pop up alerts that will show the amount of time you have been logged into your account.

4. Never Be Afraid To Ask For Help

If it gets to the point where losing or winning a bet is the difference between paying bills, or you are starting to borrow money to continue, then it is never too late to ask for help to stop gambling altogether.

For further advice on how you – or someone you know – can receive help to prevent gambling, organisations such as BeGambleAwareGambling TherapyGamblers Anonymous and GamCare provide professional help on how to move forward.

Please Gamble Responsibly.

Please Gamble Responsibly