How to Play Pick 7 – Win £250,000 Risk Free!

Win £100,000 with Sporting Life Pick 7

The Sporting Life Pick 7 is game powered by SkyBet, and runs off the premises of selecting 7 horses from all of the Seven Pick 7 races to win prizes. This article aims to show you how you can enter yourself into the action and be in with a chance of winning the prizes on offer, which will be £250,000 on the 28th January!

What is the Pick 7 and how does it work?

The Sporting Life Pick 7 is powered by Sky Bet, with seven races picked on the day which are called the Pick 7. Participants will need to select who they believe will win each of the Pick 7 races, once these are selected there will be one ‘Tie Break Question’ to finish with, which will be used in situation where more than one person has selected the correct winners for each race. The tie break question will be the winning distance of the first Pick 7 race, and whoever the closest person is to the distance will win the prize, with it being split evenly if both players are jointly closest on the tie break.

How do I enter?

Click Here to enter the Pick 7 game.

All you need is a Sky Bet account, if you already have a Sky Bet account then all you need to do is log in with your User ID and Password in the top right hand corner of the page.

If you don’t have a Sky Bet account then that is no problem, all you need to do is is click the ‘Register’ button and the signing up couldn’t be easier, once the process is complete all you need to do is enter the User ID and Password you have created and you’ll be logged in.

Playing couldn’t be simpler, when at the Pick 7 home screen you can either click the ‘Play’ button on the navigation bar or selecting the ‘Play Now’ button which is in the middle of the page.

Once onto the main page, you will need to select who you think is going to win the Pick 7 races. Simply select the race from the left hand side, which will list all the runners down to the right of it, you just need to press ‘Select’ on which runner you think will past the post first and continue doing this until all the races have ticks next to them.

Once all the races have been selected, you will move on to the ‘Tie Break Question’, where you will need to choose how long you think the winning distance will be in the first Pick 7 race. This is selected by choosing the distance from the drop down, and once chosen all you need to do is click ‘Submit My Picks’ and you will be entered into the Pick 7 for that day.

Entering the Pick 7 is as easy as that and puts you in with a chance of winning the prize, which on New Years Day will be £250,000! It’s an opportunity not to miss and with it being so simple to enter, you’d be foolish not to throw you hat into the ring!

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