myracing Supports Mental Health At Nottingham

Nottingham Racecourse

myracing will be sponsoring the card at Nottingham on Tuesday 6th August, with two of those sponsored races being named in support of mental health. An issue that affects many of our daily lives, its prominence in racing has come to the fore in recent times, with several jockeys being brave enough to share their stories with the racing public. myracing, therefore, is extremely happy to be able to bring those issues to the fore. If you’re heading to Nottingham and supporting our race day, you can find all our Nottingham Tips on site.

Mental Health in Racing

Horse Racing is a pressure sport, with trainers and jockeys having to go to great lengths to ensure winners. With jockeys having to travel up and down the country, sometimes for just one ride, it can be an extremely lonely and difficult profession. With previous research in Ireland showing that 50% of jockeys met the criteria for depression, it’s clear that steps need to be taken to ensure the well-being of all the heroes in our sport.

Earlier this year, Mitch Godwin bravely shared his battle with depression, which kept him off the track for eleven months. Mark Enright also opened up with his battle late in 2018, with further stories appearing more frequently. With pressures we don’t know about in their personal life, and continued probing by social media on everything they do, jockeys are under constant scrutiny to perform.

With the BHA signing the “Mental Health in Sport and Recreation Charter” and more awareness being raised about mental health within the sport, the positive signs for tackling mental health issues in horse racing are starting to appear.


Founded by Debbie Matthews, GoRacingGreen aims to help mental health sufferers feel more comfortable at the racing. The aims of the group are to make racecourses more accessible for those with invisible conditions, helping those affected to come racing more often and enjoy our wonderful sport.

Debbie’s initiative is a huge step in the right direction for helping to tackle a big issue within racing and we’re extremely happy to be supporting her and the wonderful community she has created. Brick by brick, racing is becoming more accessible, and Debbie’s work is at the forefront of creating that change.

The Press Release can be found on the Jockey Club’s website, with a video on our Twitter explaining our sponsorship of the evening.

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