£758.85 Profit – December Tips Review

The final monthly review for 2016 is here. 2016 has been a huge year for myracing.com, consistent profits month after month plus an expanding, knowledgeable base of followers for social media interaction, we have a lot to be thankful for! So, let’s take a look back over December and our tips for the month.


Doubles +£525.58

Singles +£449.46

Acca +£68.47

Lucky 15 £61.17


A third great month of profit in a row on the doubles. £1,190 profit in October and £319.40 in November have pushed the last quarter profit to over £2,040! A pair of doubles were smashed in the middle of the month. A £267 Double on the 15th was swiftly followed up by a £391 Sunday double on the 18th! Five other days in December saw a positive return on the bet to finish the month over £525 in profit.


We only started tracking the singles in May but since we did, seven months out of eight have been profitable. November was the sole month in a negative but in December, we turned that back around, nearly £450 to the good. Winners in the month included 25/1, 20/1, 18/1 and a pair at 14/1 at big prices plus the usual array of others. A grand total of £4,936.08 on the singles since May, we look forward to getting a whole year of tracking them going in 2017.


A positive return once again on one of the most popular bets on the site. A profit for a seventh month in a row included back to back winners on Boxing Day and the 27th for £259 Acca profit in two days. There was also a winning Acca of £89 on the 17th to add a little more to a profit figure that stands at £1,614 since June 1st.

Lucky 15

Nine months profit from the last ten months on the Lucky 15 is some record for a total of £1,397.80 in that time. Eight winning bets on the month included a profit of £127.44 on the 15th with three winners from the four selections. There were also three winners on a King George Day full of Boxing Day Booms and a profit of over £500 on the day!


NAP -£21.83

Mega Acca -£80

Early Tip -£244


After £138.48 profit on the NAP in November, it was disappointing not to follow up in December. A moderate start to the month saw us in a hole early on but we ended the month with a roar with 6 NAP winners in the last 7 days.

Mega Acca

Less meetings in December saw a reduction in the number of Mega Acca’s. Still no success on the tip which continues to be a frustration to all but we start with a blank page in 2017.

Early Tip

A very disappointing month on the Early Tip, in fact the worst of 2016. Five of the previous six months had been profitable, so it’s at the top of our list to make sure that we start 2017 strongly. A 3/1 winner on New Year’s Day means that we are off to the start we want.


Another profitable month to end a great 2016 for myracing.com. An overall profit on the year of £7,823.21 for our free horse racing tips is exceptional and something we are very proud of. The year has turned however so we need to get straight back to work in 2017 to try and make that even more profitable for our followers because without you we have nothing! A very happy new year to you all, let’s smash the bookies in 2017!

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