6 Trainers To Follow For Juveniles

Saeed Bin Suroor - King Of The Two-Year-Olds

When it comes to the two-year-olds you need to find a trainer who understands them better than most and knows just how far they should or should not be pushed while learning their trade.

Jack Berry was your man back in the day, but he has never really been replaced in the juvenile trainers’ hierarchy but there are still those who go shopping for the more precocious sorts, fully aware that Group races may be beyond them the following season.

There are three ways we can measure recent successes with the younger generation – numbers of winners, percentage of winners (also known as the strike rate), and of course, profit and loss to level stakes.

Five years seems a sensible timescale to use with the coming and goings of new trainers and if we look at those figures these are the results, here’s hoping they repeat themselves and point us to a few added winners from our horse racing tips.

Turf Two-Year Olds (Not nursery handicaps):

Saeed Bin Suroor makes the most of the pool of Godolphin owned thoroughbreds at his disposal and has had 63 winners since the start of 2014 from 260 runners for a strike rate of 24.23%, though everyone knows how good they are, and you would have made a small loss if following them to level stakes over that period.

Martyn Meade is the man for a level stakes profit with 18 winners from 108 runners and a Starting Price profit of £77.30 to £1 stakes. Based at Manton he is clearly making the most of the outstanding facilities leaving all of his turf juveniles well worth a second look.

All-Weather Two-Year-olds (Not nursery handicaps):

Ed Vaughan would not have been the first handler we would have guessed at in advance but the facts don’t lie and 9 winners from just 30 runners gives and outstanding 30% success rate and a level stakes profit of £37.54 to £1 stakes.

Karl Burke makes the followers of his Spigot Lodge inmates more money with a profit of £91.05 thanks to 18 winners from 122 starters, though obviously his winners arrive less often with a one in seven strike rate.

Nursery handicaps only:

Once the handicappers have their say it is obviously a very different story in trying to get a win out of your two-year-olds, but also an area where some excel more than others. Those who expected a well-known gambling yard to head the list will be as surprised as I was to see Saeed Bin Suroor heading his second of the six categories with a strike rate pf 34.09% thanks to 15 winners from 44 attempts and the bonus of a level stakes profit of £5.88, but then no-one seriously expected them to run unbacked.

Ivan Furtado ends our little list for this season thanks to his level stakes profit and surprisingly high success percentage for a small, less fashionable yard. 21 runners have yielded 6 winners (28.57%) and a nice little profit of £53.00, not to be sniffed at and something to consider over the months ahead.

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