Safer Gambling and staying in control

Here at myracing, we are strong supporters of Safer Gambling Week. Running from November 19th until November 25th, it’s a campaign that aims to help normalise conversations with customers, staff and the public about safer gambling

With the invention of the internet, placing a bet couldn’t be any simpler. With a wide range of bookmakers available, it’s never been easier to place a bet.

We promote safer gambling to help prevent gambling-related issues. If you feel as though you’re struggling, or are looking for ways to limit your spending, we have identified some ways below, to help you continue to gamble safely.

Always Set A Budget

You should never be gambling more than you can afford to lose. When you start doing so, and money you need for other things goes astray, that is when you’re most susceptible to start chasing your losses. You should think about how much you want to spend on both a daily and weekly basis, setting deposit limits on your accounts with that in mind.

Only Gamble With A Clear Head

Making clear and rational decisions while you’re emotional is extremely difficult and you’re more likely to act outside your normal judgement. Gambling should only be done while you’re in a steady frame of mind, to avoid any irrational decisions that could leave you chasing your losses.

Keep gambling balanced with other activities

Gambling should always be a fun pastime and shouldn’t be your only form of entertainment. If you’re preferring gambling over other social plans, or it has become your only source of entertainment, it can be a sign that your gambling is starting to become an issue.

Never Chase Your Losses

When you gamble, there is a likelihood that you are going to lose the money you’ve set aside. With all the research in the world, at the end of day, people and horses aren’t machines. When this happens and your budget has gone, that is the time to walk away.

You should never, in any circumstances, start gambling beyond your budget to try and recoup those losses. You may think that you only need “that one win” to get back to level, but there is never a guarantee with gambling and you should never gamble outside your means.

If you feel as though you’re struggling, there’s many resources on the Safer Gambling Website to help.

Please Gamble Responsibly