13 July 2019
Saturday 13th July

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Come Racing September 7th Handicap (Div I)

  • Channel: RTV
  • Distance: 1m 2f
  • Going: Good To Firm



Partly cloudy


No myracing analysis available for this race

Best Odds
Silk colours for Red Avenger
Red Avenger
J: Colin Keane
T: Damian Joseph English
Distance Winner - Won before at this distance
Proving hard to win with these days, however, booking of Colin Keane is interesting
Age: 9
Weight: 10-0
OR: 62
Days: 22
21 Jun 19Lim Limerick11.5f GdHc9-10 14/15Dromana (14L)25/16452
10 May 19Cor Cork8f GdHc9-0 8/13Pepperoni Pete (7L)18/16657
21 Dec 18Dun Dundalk (AW)7f StHc9-11 5/14Ahlan Bil Zain (2¼L)9/16770
21 Nov 18Dun Dundalk (AW)8f StCl9-10 4/12Yuften (8L)20/16671
2 Nov 18Dun Dundalk (AW)8f StCl9-3 8/14Hasselnott (9½L)16/16856
19 Oct 18Dun Dundalk (AW)10.5f StCl9-3 7/14Red Charmer (13½L)8/16960
Silk colours for Red Sole Diva
Red Sole Diva
J: Donnacha O'Brien
T: Joseph Patrick O'Brien
Beaten Favourite - Losing favourite last time out
Hot Recent Form Jockey - 9 wins from 33 in the last 14 days (27%)
Well-beaten as a 7-2 favourite at Cork last time; needs to put that behind her
Age: 3
Weight: 9-6
OR: 64
Days: 29
14 Jun 19Cor Cork8.5f Gd/YHc9-6 16/18Ideal Pal (16L)7/2F6543
3 Jun 19Gow Gowran Park9.5f Gd3yHc9-12 3/17Finding Nero (½L)7/16471
14 May 19Kln Killarney8f Gd3yHc8-13 9/13Pensylvania Avenue (11½L)7/16649
18 Apr 19Clo Clonmel9.5f YMd9-0 4/15Kastasa (5L)6/1-66
7 Apr 19Cor Cork10f Gd3yMd9-0 5/17Nickajack Cave (3L)20/1-61
22 Feb 19Dun Dundalk (AW)7f St3yMd9-0 6/12Jupiter Road (6¾L)5/1-47
Silk colours for Stealth
Stealth p
J: Shane Foley
T: Anthony McCann
Booking of Shane Foley a plus as he's been aboard for his best efforts for this stable
Age: 4
Weight: 9-6
OR: 54
Days: 148
15 Feb 19Dun Dundalk (AW)10.5f StHc9-9 p12/12New Vocation (39L)6/160-
25 Jan 19Dun Dundalk (AW)10.5f StHc9-6 p2/14Edification (hd)12/15867
21 Dec 18Dun Dundalk (AW)10.5f StHc9-5 p8/14Spanish Dawn (5¼L)16/15858
30 Nov 18Dun Dundalk (AW)10.5f StHc8-13 p13/13Shadow Seven (13½L)12/15841
9 Nov 18Dun Dundalk (AW)10.5f St3yHc9-2 p3/14Too Precious (4L)16/15762
7 Nov 18Dun Dundalk (AW)8f StHc9-6 p7/13Voyageofdiscovery (7½L)7/15955
Silk colours for Arctic Blaze
Arctic Blaze
J: Ross Coakley
T: John C McConnell
Ability in the second of her three maiden runs; worth a second look on handicap debut
Age: 3
Weight: 9-5
OR: 63
Days: 40
3 Jun 19Gow Gowran Park9.5f Gd3yMd9-0 7/9Come September (11½L)40/1-55
19 May 19Naa Naas8f GF3yMd9-0 6/13Kaftan (11L)100/1-58
29 Apr 19Naa Naas6f Gd/YMd8-11 20/23Zodiacus (18L)66/1-22
Silk colours for Crinkell
J: Ben Coen 5
T: M A Gunn
Unexposed for a four-year-old but didn't show a huge amount on handicap debut; unlikely
Age: 4
Weight: 9-5
OR: 53
Days: 39
4 Jun 19Tip Tipperary12.5f SftHc9-1 9/17Eight And Bob (17L)50/15842
5 May 19Gow Gowran Park9.5f YMd9-7 8/17Fancy Feat (9L)100/1-53
4 Nov 18Naa Naas12f YMd8-9 14/15Naadheer (36L)100/1-17
20 Oct 18Leo Leopardstown9f Gd/YMd8-9 20/22Cockalorum (36L)66/1--
Silk colours for Lady Rosebud
Lady Rosebud
J: Gavin Ryan 7
T: Patrick Martin
Five-time AW winner who went close to opening her account on turf at Sligo last month
Age: 5
Weight: 8-13
OR: 47
Days: 25
18 Jun 19Sli Sligo10.5f GdHc8-4 2/14Maunganui (1¾L)5/14752
30 May 19Fai Fairyhouse10f GFHc8-7 4/12Sleepy Head (1L)9/14854
3 May 19Dun Dundalk (AW)8f StHc8-10 7/9The Perch (6¾L)7/15142
17 Apr 19Dun Dundalk (AW)8f StHc8-9 1/10Mulzamm (nse)9/24952
5 Apr 19Dun Dundalk (AW)8f StHc9-0 6/14Duhallow Noelie (3¾L)18/15051
6 Mar 19Dun Dundalk (AW)8f StHc9-0 6/14Mulzamm (5¼L)10/15152
Silk colours for Boynagh Prince
Boynagh Prince
J: Mark Gallagher
T: James M Barcoe
Cold Recent Form Jockey - 0 wins from 12 in the last 14 days (0%)
No form whatsoever for previous handlers and doesn't make any appeal
Age: 6
Weight: 8-11
OR: 45
Days: 1023
7 Nov 16Fai Fairyhouse16f Gd3yMdH10-12 h16/16Landofhopeandglory (100L)100/1-7
23 Sep 16Dun Dundalk (AW)8f StHc8-6 h112/14Arbourfield (22L)25/1473
20 May 16Cor Cork8f GFMd9-5 12/14Mittersill (25L)125/1-26
25 Apr 16Naa Naas8f Gd3yMd9-5 14/14Elusive Heights (40L)100/1--
17 Apr 16Nav Navan8f Sft/Hy3yMd9-5 11/11The Gurkha (79L)66/1--
Silk colours for Heavens Align
Heavens Align v 1
J: Nathan Crosse 5
T: W McCreery
Claims off bottom-weight and in the first-time visor for top team; should get the trip
Age: 4
Weight: 8-11
OR: 45
Days: 27
16 Jun 19Gow Gowran Park8f GdHc8-2 p14/13Scorpion Black (3½L)16/14645
14 May 19Kln Killarney8f GdHc9-0 10/13Solomons Seal (22L)16/15114
6 May 19Cur Curragh7f Gd/YHc8-8 18/23Hit The Silk (24L)10/154-
29 Mar 19Dun Dundalk (AW)8f StMd9-2 5/12Mutadaawel (6¾L)12/1-49
31 May 18Cfd Chelmsford (AW)10f St3Nv8-11 12/12Pilaster (32L)66/1-29
11 May 18Not Nottingham10f GF53yNv8-11 11/14Raa Atoll (22L)100/1-41
Silk colours for House Limit
House Limit tb
J: Conor Maxwell 3
T: J Larkin
Distance Winner - Won before at this distance
Long time since he's offered anything in terms of encouragement; best ignored
Age: 10
Weight: 8-11
OR: 45
Days: 44
30 May 19Fai Fairyhouse10f GFHc8-1 tp11/12Sleepy Head (10½L)50/14530
14 Jul 18Lim Limerick16f GdHcCh9-12 tp8/10Das Mooser (36L)50/19064
15 Jun 18Fai Fairyhouse12f GdHc8-10 tp18/18Schoolboy Error (37L)25/145-
31 May 18Fai Fairyhouse10f GFHc8-6 tpUR/12Sheila's Hope ()50/145-
9 Mar 18Boh Borris House24f Y/SftOpenPTP12-2 PU/6Samanntom ()10/1--
1 Sep 17Dro Down Royal16f YHcH11-0 tb13/20Sierra Law (23L)20/18375
Silk colours for Mzuri
J: Rory Cleary
T: Adrian McGuinness
Placed seven times but 0-41, which is the worry; could need this after 273 days off
Age: 7
Weight: 8-11
OR: 45
Days: 273
13 Oct 18Lim Limerick11.5f HyHc8-4 14/16Yo Tambien (44L)50/145-
24 Sep 18Ham Hamilton8.5f Sft6Hc8-10 8/13Jack Blane (5½L)33/14640
6 Sep 18Lay Laytown7f St10-13 5/9Waqaas (11½L)12/14629
4 Sep 18Naa Naas12f GdHc8-12 4/16Cacique Royale (3½L)12/14648
13 Aug 18Ayr Ayr10f Gd6Hc8-6 4/11Qasr (¾L)10/14650
28 Jul 18Gow Gowran Park9.5f Gd/YHc8-9 b10/17Nulife (8¾L)25/14537
Silk colours for New York Lady
New York Lady t
J: Adam Farragher 7
T: Adrian Murray
Little or no form; the one caveat is her trainer has pulled off a few gambles of late
Age: 4
Weight: 8-11
OR: 45
Days: 284
2 Oct 18Naa Naas8f GdHc8-0 16/16Nam (29L)25/145-
7 Aug 18Ayr Ayr10f Gd6Hc8-4 7/13Ana Lichious (6L)33/14642
4 Jun 18Gow Gowran Park9.5f GF3yMd9-0 14/16Kalaxana (22L)100/1-29
22 May 18Sli Sligo10.5f Y3yMd9-0 7/7Sheberghan (33L)50/1-12
18 Aug 17Dun Dundalk (AW)7f St2yMd8-9 t8/10Grace Rafaela (14½L)25/1-42
Silk colours for Quite Subunctious
Quite Subunctious
J: Declan McDonogh
T: Keith Henry Clarke
No joy in 16 starts, going closest in a Wolverhampton handicap in February; hard to fancy
Age: 4
Weight: 8-11
OR: 45
Days: 25
18 Jun 19Sli Sligo10.5f GdHc8-2 7/14Maunganui (5¼L)10/14543
14 Jun 19Fai Fairyhouse12f Gd/YHc8-13 h13/18Swelltime (14½L)20/14535
14 Apr 19Dun Dundalk (AW)10.5f StHc8-3 h5/13Wild Shot (9¾L)20/14644
29 Mar 19Dun Dundalk (AW)16f StHc8-8 h17/11Black Label (17½L)12/14835
18 Feb 19Ncs Newcastle (AW)12.5f St/Slw6Hc8-5 10/14Echo (14½L)14/14835
4 Feb 19Wol Wolverhampton (AW)12f St6Hc9-1 2/12Dolphin Village (nk)17/24855
Silk colours for Shoofly
J: Killian Leonard
T: Miss Natalia Lupini
Cold Recent Form Jockey - 0 wins from 14 in the last 14 days (0%)
Going the right way of late & just ran out of steam at Tipperary latest; each-way claims
Age: 6
Weight: 8-11
OR: 45
Days: 20
23 Jun 19Tip Tipperary12.5f YHc8-11 4/17Galeola (5L)9/14649
14 Jun 19Fai Fairyhouse12f Gd/YHc9-1 4/18Swelltime (9½L)14/14745
3 May 19Dun Dundalk (AW)12f StHc9-3 6/12Shake The Bucket (5L)10/15151
17 Apr 19Dun Dundalk (AW)12f StHc9-0 7/12Rockfish (4½L)14/15151
4 Jan 19Dun Dundalk (AW)10.5f StHc9-4 b19/14Duke Of Waspington (9½L)12/15544
21 Dec 18Wol Wolverhampton (AW)12f St6Hc9-3 9/12Ember's Glow (11½L)EvensF5645
Silk colours for Arcland
J: Andrew Slattery 5
T: H Rogers
Ran a blinder when huge odds for handicap/seasonal bow at Naas; chance if reproducing
Age: 3
Weight: 8-7
OR: 51
Days: 9
4 Jul 19Tip Tipperary9f GF3yHc8-10 10/16Muntahez (6½L)14/15246
21 May 19Sli Sligo10.5f Gd3yHc8-6 7/13The Names Jock (13L)14/15443
29 Apr 19Naa Naas8f Gd/YHc8-5 3/18Miracles In May (1L)33/15353
21 Oct 18Naa Naas6f Gd/Y2yMd9-5 13/15San Andreas (14L)100/1-38
19 Sep 18Naa Naas8f Gd2yMd9-5 15/19Laos Enlightenment (17L)100/1-50
20 Aug 18Ros Roscommon7.5f Sft2yMd9-5 13/14Yulong Knight (22L)50/1-33
Silk colours for Quare Lucky
Quare Lucky b 1
J: N G McCullagh
T: Peter Fahey
Cold Recent Form Trainer - 0 wins from 10 in the last 14 days (0%)
Small promise in maidens; yet to show anything in handicaps and tried in blinkers now
Age: 3
Weight: 8-6
OR: 50
Days: 19
24 Jun 19Bal Ballinrobe9.5f Y/Sft3yHc9-3 6/14Ellaat (9¾L)10/15442
30 May 19Fai Fairyhouse7f GF3yHc9-1 10/18Guiding (12L)25/16142
29 Apr 19Naa Naas8f Gd/YHc9-0 14/18Miracles In May (15L)12/16230
14 Dec 18Dun Dundalk (AW)8f St2yMd8-9 9/14Lafayette Hill (9L)16/1-54
7 Dec 18Dun Dundalk (AW)7f St2yMd8-11 3/13Gregorian Chant (2L)66/1-67
30 Nov 18Dun Dundalk (AW)7f St2yMd8-7 9/14Pensylvania Avenue (7¾L)50/1-51
Silk colours for Finsceal Rose
Finsceal Rose
J: Gary Halpin
T: Gavin Cromwell
Hot Recent Form Trainer - 7 wins from 20 in the last 14 days (35%)
Found only her stablemate too good in a 1m handicap at Bellewstown last week; up 4lb
Age: 3
Weight: 8-5
OR: 49
Days: 9
4 Jul 19Bel Bellewstown8f Gd3yHc8-3 2/15Ally Cay (4L)16/14546
14 Jun 19Cor Cork8.5f Gd/YHc8-4 12/18Wilderness (9L)33/14633
21 May 19Sli Sligo6f Gd3yHc8-8 7/13Pleasurable (5¼L)12/14639
18 Apr 19Clo Clonmel9.5f YMd9-0 9/14Encapsulation (21L)100/1-35
13 Apr 19Naa Naas6f Gd/YMd9-0 13/20Flash Gordon (12½L)66/1-40
29 Mar 19Dun Dundalk (AW)8f St3yMd9-0 12/12National Guard (24L)50/1-24
Silk colours for Grace To Grace
Grace To Grace tp 1
J: Leigh Roche
T: Joseph Patrick O'Brien
Cold Recent Form Jockey - 0 wins from 16 in the last 14 days (0%)
Stayed on well from a bad draw over 1m at Bellewstown last week; big chance in cheekpieces
Age: 3
Weight: 8-5
OR: 49
Days: 9
4 Jul 19Bel Bellewstown8f Gd3yHc8-13 4/15Ally Cay (8L)7/25041
21 May 19Sli Sligo10.5f Gd3yHc8-7 t15/13The Names Jock (10L)10/15550
5 May 19Gow Gowran Park8f Y3yHc9-2 10/16Insane Bolt (4½L)3/1F5553
29 Oct 18Gal Galway8.5f Sft2yHc8-5 4/18Cuban Surfer (4L)22/15855
15 Oct 18Gow Gowran Park7f Sft/Hy2yHc8-9 15/16Harvest Bow (15½L)14/16232
3 Oct 18Cor Cork6.5f Gd2yMd8-6 5/14Mary Salome (9L)11/1-49
Silk colours for The Lady's Bid
The Lady's Bid
J: Alan Persse 7
T: P M Rogers
Cold Recent Form Jockey - 0 wins from 11 in the last 14 days (0%)
Struggled in three maidens; not an obvious contender
Age: 3
Weight: 8-4
OR: 45
Days: 40
3 Jun 19Gow Gowran Park9.5f Gd3yHc8-7 12/17Finding Nero (17L)33/14823
7 Sep 18Dro Down Royal7f Gd2yMd8-3 14/14Dark Pursuit (73L)66/1--
6 Aug 18Cur Curragh7f GF2yMd9-0 17/21Foxtrot Liv (15½L)66/1-49
27 Jul 18Dro Down Royal7f GF2yMd9-0 5/5No Needs Never (16½L)66/1-37
Silk colours for Figure It Out
Figure It Out
T: Ian O'Connor
Age: 4
Weight: 8-11
OR: 45
Days: 41
2 Jun 19Lis Listowel8f YHc8-5 p15/15Blankiedoodie (10½L)20/14630
5 May 19Gow Gowran Park8f YHc8-7 p8/16Khafaaq (3¼L)16/14749
20 Apr 19Cor Cork7f GdHc8-10 p8/17Time Stands Still (7L)33/15044
9 Apr 19Gow Gowran Park7f Y/SftHc8-10 p10/15Villa Maria (9½L)16/15136
23 Nov 18Dun Dundalk (AW)7f StHc9-0 p18/14Tomwontlisten (2½L)14/15451
26 Oct 18Dun Dundalk (AW)7f StCl9-0 9/14Pulsating (8½L)33/1-47

There wasn't a lot separating GRACE TO GRACE and Finsceal Rose at Bellewstown but Joseph O'Brien's charge, fitted with first-time cheekpieces, can turn the tables

Verdict silk image
Grace To Grace

Betting Forecast:

4/1 Grace To Grace,

Finsceal Rose,

6/1 Heavens Align,

8/1 Lady Rosebud,

Red Sole Diva,

12/1 Red Avenger,

New York Lady,


16/1 Quare Lucky,


Arctic Blaze,



25/1 Crinkell,

33/1 Quite Subunctious,

66/1 House Limit,

Figure It Out,

Boynagh Prince,

The Lady's Bid

Please Gamble Responsibly